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  • What is the intended purpose of your film/video?
    What goals are you trying to meet by using film/video production? Try to limit your goals so that your film/video production is easy to follow and has a nice flow. What is something you have to do or explain on a day-to-day basis that can be accomplished by video?
  • Who is going to see this film/video and where are they going to see it?
    Who’s your audience? What do they know/don’t know already? How will the film/video be distributed? -Website, broadcast, DVD, projection, social sharing, in-store display, etc.
  • What needs to be in the film/video?
    Do you have some ideas for the concept of the film/video? What are necessary scenes for the film/video? Ideas for locations, people, etc.? Create an outline of how you want your film/video to go and what you want/need to include.
  • How do you want your film/video to be narrated?
    Voice over, text, on camera talent, or any combination, etc.? Each one gives a very different feel and may not be appropriate for every film/video.
  • What style would you like it to have?
    Documentary, cinematic, narrative, testimonial, commercial, overview, etc.? Find examples of what you like and share it with us.
  • Budget?
    Film/video production can get expensive but we are able to work with most budgets. Your production may need multiple cameras, waterproof or high speed/low speed cameras, microphones and sound mixing gear, special lighting, special effects, etc. Also you can’t forget about allotted time for editing and if there will be any animation, CGI (Computer Generated Images), text effects, or multi-cam editing. These things can add up some extra time and some extra from your pocket if not properly planned and budgeted.
  • Deadline?
    Film/video productions can take weeks or months to produce so it’s best to plan as much in advance as possible.
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