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This is How We Create Films for your Brand

Shooting product videos is an essential part of creating brand films that requires careful planning and execution. At Liberal Arts Productions, we have extensive experience in shooting product videos and follow a structured approach to ensure high-quality results. We understand the importance of creating compelling and effective product videos for our clients

Here's our process for shooting product videos:

  • Pre-Production: Before we begin filming, we perform extensive research on the product and its attributes. We collaborate with the clients to determine the video's aims and objectives. This allows us to ensure that the finished result meets client expectations while also effectively communicating the content to their intended audience. We also make a shot list and explore for the ideal shooting spots. Understanding the product and its distinctive marketing qualities is critical for effectively exhibiting them.

  • Lighting: Product videography relies heavily on lighting. To get the intended appearance and feel for the video, we employ a blend of both artificial and natural light. We have access to the most up-to-date film equipment to ensure that the final outcome has a polished appearance and feel.

  • Camera Angles: We employ several camera angles to exhibit the product from various viewpoints and highlight its major characteristics.

  • Sound: A well-produced product video must have good sound quality. To capture clear audio and reduce background noise, we employ high-quality microphones.

  • Shooting: When filming, we use high-quality cameras and equipment from the professional industry. Our crew pays close attention to even the smallest things and works hard to get the greatest pictures.

  • Post-Production: In order to produce a finished product that is entertaining and presents the product in its best light, we edit the film, add special effects, sound design, and color correction in post-production.

  • Review and refine: Making sure that the product is effectively and successfully showcased, we examine the final video together with our clients and carry out any required revisions.

These procedures enable us to produce top-notch product videos that precisely represent the offerings of our clients and successfully convey their message to their intended audience.

At Liberal Arts Productions, we work hard to create product videos that both highlight the product and convey a compelling narrative to the intended audience. Delivering top-notch videos that go above and above for our clients is our aim.

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